Anti Tick & Flea Herbal and Mineral Soap

Anti Tick & Flea Herbal and Mineral Soap

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Papi Herbal and Mineral Anti Tick & Flea soap is an all natural effective control against ticks for cats and dogs.
It has Madre de Cacao extract for natural anti tick and flea properties, blended with peppermint oil for cooling effect, orange oil and citrus oil to remove odor, give a good fur and skin conditioning and repels insects including mosquito.


Wet the dog with lukewarm water.

Lather the soap from the head down to the tail concentrating on the most affected areas.

Bathe your dog at least thrice a week.


This soap is safe for all types of dogs and cat breeds and can be used on newborns , puppies and kittens under 4 months of age.

This soap poses no danger if licked or ingested.

Non-toxic, Biodegradable and Hypoallergenic.